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In-app messaging

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our integrated solution, allowing you to effortlessly switch between the web and mobile app for managing customer service. Whether you're at your desk or on the move, stay connected and in control of your customer interactions.

Case management

Optimize your chat handling process with our comprehensive solution. Prioritize incoming chats, add notes, and forward cases to ensure that each interaction is directed to the right person.

Priority cases

Effortlessly prioritize and manage incoming chats and requests with our streamlined solution. Stay on top of customer interactions by assigning priority levels to each chat or request, ensuring that urgent matters receive prompt attention.

Case forwarding

Case forwarding feature allows you to seamlessly forward cases to the appropriate individuals, ensuring that customer inquiries and issues are addressed by the right person with the necessary expertise. By directing interactions to the right team member, you can optimize response times, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure efficient problem resolution.

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Case notes

Streamline your front desk operations with our efficient receptionist solution. With our solution, you can select specific business contacts ensuring seamless coordination and unparalleled customer service

Case archiving

Store all closed cases in a centralized and secure repository, allowing you to access the full history of interactions, resolutions, and customer information. Maintain a detailed record of each case.

Export archiving cases

Our platform provides a seamless solution for exporting archived cases, allowing you to easily extract and save the data for external use. With just
a few clicks, you can export selected cases or entire archives, ensuring that you have a secure backup or the ability to analyze the data using external tools.

Internal communications

Facilitate smooth and effective internal communication within your organization using our comprehensive solution. Streamline information sharing, collaboration, and decision-making processes among team members.

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